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The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Near-Term Exit Transactions

<strong>Virtual Event:</strong>&#160;March 9, 2023 2:00pm

Virtual Event: March 9, 2023 2:00pm

I am a member of the International Exit Planning Association, an organization that educates business owners on exit planning.  The IEPA offers a series of quarterly business owner webinars that I thought you would find helpful. On March 9th at 2pm ET, the IEPA is hosting a Q1 Business Owner Broadcast and the topic under discussion will be the impact that rising interest rates has, and is likely to have, on any near-term exit transactions.


The March 9th presentation via Zoom will last approximately 45 minutes and will feature guest speakers who will speak to trends in the transaction marketplace today.  Two (2) of the speakers are principals at investment firms that provide debt capital for transactions / purchases of privately-held businesses.  They will provide their perspective on how the debt markets are reacting to the rising interest rates and overall economic outlook.

The International Exit Planning Association is not affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors/Iron Legacy Wealth Advisors




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